Dinosaur Party Favor Ideas

Find the best dinosaur party favor ideas for kids. There are so many cool dinosaur party favor ideas from goodie bags to candy, these dinosaur party favor ideas are sure to be a hit with all the children.

Easy, fun ideas for treats that any boy or girl would love to take home. Find the best dinosaur party favor ideas now!

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Rainbow Dinosaur

Rainbow Dinosaur

DIY crayons in miniature dinosaurs. Use dinosaur molds to make them! more about Rainbow Dinosaur



Dinosaur Gummy Candies in a customized jar topped dino toy. more about Dino-Mite

Dino Egg

Dino Egg

DIY dinosaur eggs. more about Dino Egg

Dinosaur Soap

Dinosaur Soap

DIY soap with toy dinosaur. Use silicone soap molds with melt and pour soap along with dinosaur toy for the middle! more about Dinosaur Soap

Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosaur Egg Party Favor

Mini dinosaur toys in a plastic egg - these speckled eggs would be perfect. These would be great dinosaur party favors for toddlers. more about Dinosaur Eggs

Dino Bag

Dinosaur Goodie Bag

Simple brown kraft paper bag with dino tag. Fill the bag with lots of dinosuar goodies like toys and candy. more about Dino Bag

Rawr Bag

Rawr Bag

Canvas Tote bag with dinosaur prints. Use dinosaur stencils and paint on! A couple ideas to fill with: dinosaur book party favor, dinosaur coloring book party favor - like these and these! more about Rawr Bag

Dino Dig

Dino Dig

Filled with and dinosaur toy and magnifying glass in tupperware. Such a fun and amazing idea for dinosaur party favor kits. more about Dino Dig

Rawring Bubbles

Rawring Bubbles

Dinosaur bubbles in bright colors - cute fun and easy! more about Rawring Bubbles

Dinosaurs Plant

Dinosaurs Plant

Plants in mini toy dinosaur. These would be great for the adults at the party too. You could put them in one of the dinosaur party favor boxes - like these here. more about Dinosaurs Plant

Our Picks of The Top Dinosaur Party Favors

If you are looking for the best dinosaur party favor ideas here are our top picks to make sure the kids go home with a gift they love.

We hope you found some amazing dinosaur party favor ideas for your party celebration. Any child will be happy to go home with any of these treats. Party favors don’t have to be expensive and if you need more ideas you can check out Pinterest. We hope you enjoy your day and you have a wonderful party!

Questions and Answers For A Dinosaur Theme Party!

What are the best dinosaur party favor ideas for kids? There are so many fun ideas - from bubbles to crayons to goodie bags filled with dinosaur candy and toys. A cute dinosaur kit is always a hit (like the one above with magnifying glass). Another great idea is a plush dinosaur party favor like these here

Where can I buy dinosaur party favors? There are so many places you can find dinosaur themed party favors. Online - you can usually find some pretty good prices (cheaper) - Amazon sells a lot of dinosaur theme party favors - you can find them in budles or sets. Other stores that may be close by to your home - Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, Dollar Store and Party City.

What are some dinosaur party favor ideas that are not candy? The ideas are endless: bubbles, stickers, erasers, pencils, small dinosaur figurines, dinosaur books, coloring books, stuffed animals (plush), puzzles, soap, dinosaur eggs with toy surprises, sticky dinosaurs, water growing dinosaurs, cups, sidewalk chalk and Easter eggs with dinosaur toys inside. A goody bag filled with any of these things would be a great alternative to candy and the kids would love 1 or all.

Can I use a dinosaur activity (DIY craft project) from the party be used as a take home party favor? Yes, this is a great idea as it serves a dual purpose. The children also feel special when they can take home something they made. These kinds of party favors are a great alternative to candy and toys.

Do you have any recommendations for Dinosaur party activities that can serve as a take home gift? You could have each child make a cardboard dinosaur box which is a pretty simple craft project. Then after they are done making the dinosaur box you could have different bins with candy and toys in them and they can walk by and fill their DIY boxes they created. Children love this kind of party favor/activity and they love to pick items out of bins. One of my favorite ideas - I will call it dinosaour party favor printables - this is where you print out a picture of a dinosaur and have the kids color it in and then you place each of their colorings in a picture frame to take home.

Do I have to spend a lot on dinosaur party favors? Of course not! Set a budget that you are comfortable with and / or would like to spend on favors and stick with it. Party favors don’t have to be expensive - you can find or put together some creative, unique and fun DIY dinosaur party favors that are cheap / affordable. Don’t stress over the cost of the party favor - kids just love to have a little something to thank them and remind them of the party they attended.

Can a dinosaur party be for boys and girls? Absolutely! Dinosaur parties are universal and loved by boys and girls. Children of all ages love dinosaurs and would be thrilled to have a dinosaur party and or be invited to one too!

Do you have any ideas for DIY dinosaur party favors? Sure! You could make dinosaur crayons (super easy) - all you need is crayons you could even use broken ones and a silicone dinosaur mold like this one and that’s it. You could use the same idea and make DIY dinosaur soap or you could make some really cool DIY dinosaur soap by following the video tutorial below. You could use a smaller mold like this one and make DIY dinosaur gummies. This is a great idea to place the gummies in a cello bag with a cute tag - plus you make the gummies so you know what the kids are eating. How about making your own DIY dinosaur eggs (see video below). You can also make your own DIY dinosaur party favor bags. These are all great dinosaur party favor ideas.

DIY DINO EGG SOAP | Soap Making For Beginners

DIY | Dinosaur Surprise Eggs - Video Tutorial

Do you have dinosaur goodie bag ideas and what do you recommend putting in a loot bag? For a dinosaur goodie bag we would recommend either making your own DIY dinosaur bag or buying dinosaur bags. If you make your own you can get a party favor bag and cut out dinosaurs and place on front of bag or you can clip to front with a mini clothespin. You can fill the goodie bags with dinosaur toys, candy, coloring books or really anything to do with dinosaurs. You can look at our top picks list above for some great dinosaur party favor ideas.

What are some dinosaur birthday party ideas at home? Our favorite idea is the dinosaur dig - cover a bunch of toy dinosaurs in sand and have the kids find as many as they can. Dino egg toss is another fun idea. The kids can make dinosaur fossils. These are great dinosaur party activities if you are looking for food ideas you can make dinosaur sandwiches - get a dinosaur cookie cutter and cut out dinosaurs and make sandwiches. Bugles in snack cups make great dinosaur claws. Dinosaur fossil cookies - make sugar cookies then before you cook them take a toy dinosaur and make a dinosaur foot print. Dirt cups with dinosaurs on the top are a fun dessert idea.

Are there any Dinosaur party video tutorials? Yes, you can find a variety on Youtube. Here are a few:

DOLLAR TREE | Dinosaur Birthday Party - Video Tutorial

Cups used for snacks in this video can be found here - Cups. Dinosaur Balloons in video can be found here - Balloons. This video shares ideas on how to plan a Dollar Tree dinosaur bday party that resulted in a fun afternoon with family and friends - most items purchased from the Dollar Store making this a budget friendly dinosaur party.

In this next video you can learn how to make 2 Edible Dinosaur Ideas, 2 Dinosaur Activities and 1 Treat Bag Party Favor Ideas For the kids to take home. You can learn how to make dinosaur fossil cookies and dino cupcakes. You can also learn how to make dinosaur sidewalk chalk surprise toys - so fun and would make a great activity (with adult supervision) or would make a great favor for the kids to take home!


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Dinosaur Soap Party Favors

DIY Dinosaur Soap Party Favors are perfect for a birthday party or kids craft activity. Cute dinosaur party ideas for a roaring good time.
Course Craft
Total Time 20 minutes
Author Kid Bam



  1. Grab an egg now using a clean straight pen scrape a section of the eggshell until there is a spot that is thin enough to poke through with the tip of the pin.
  2. Carefully break away small sections of the shell until there's enough of an opening to pour the egg white and yolk into a bowl .
  3. Wash out the empty eggshell with a tiny amount of soap & water then set them aside to dry.

  4. Cut up some clear glycerin soap into small pieces place in microwave-safe container.
  5. Microwave in 20 seconds increments until fully melted.
  6. Pour melted soap in eggshell fill about 1/4 of shell let that dry.
  7. Once dry place a mini dino toy and fill with rest of melted soap to the top of eggshell. When that dries you can leave as they are or you can crack the eggshells away.

If you have any questions you would like answered about a dinosaur party please leave them in the comments! Also, if you want dinosaur party supplies (ideas) like gifts, invitations, plates, cups, napkins, decorations, more party activites or just anything related to a dinosaur party just let us know in the comments and we will try and answer your questions. Enjoy your day and your party!

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I would love to know if you have any dinosaur birthday party ideas for 4 year old? My son wants a dino party and I would like some great ideas. We will be having about 20 kids ranging in age from 1 year old to 5 year olds. There will also be a mix of boys and girls.
I love all these amazing ideas. I will be putting together the dinosaur goodie bags. I am going to put in the dinosaur bubbles and the dinosaur egg toys. I will also be putting together a dinosaur candy bag to go in there as well. Thanks!
What would be the best dinosaur party favors for girls? Anything pink and pretty would be great :)



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