Star Wars Party Favor Ideas

From light sabers to vader these star wars party favor ideas will give you some great ideas for your child’s upcoming star wars birthday party. Check out all of these simple and easy party favors

Easy, fun ideas for treats that any boy or girl would love to take home. Check out some of the best Star Wars party favor ideas now!

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Candy Tube Lightsabers

The kids will go nuts for these candy filled light sabers. Simply wrap the candy tubes with a printable and fill with candy.

Star Wars Party Treat Bags

These goodie bags are easy and can be filled with treats and/or little star wars themed toys. Add a printable star wars tag and let the party begin. Here are some Goodie Bags

Lightsaber Bubble Wands

Bubble wands make a great little light saber party favor for the children. What a fun way to thank you for attending a star wars party. Here are some bubble wands.

Storm Trooper Candy Bags

Fill some storm trooper party favor bags with a few little gifts and you have a simple stars wars party favor to say thank you.

Star Wars Coloring Books and Gummy Candy Favors

Star wars coloring books are a great party favor for young children.

Light Saber Pencils

How simple is it to turn some pencils into light sabers. Trim these pencils with black and silver washi tape. Let the kids imagination go with this cute star wars party favor idea.

BB 8 Star Wars Treat Bags

BB-8 Droid goodie bags. Print out an image and staple a baggie closed after filling with blue candies and orange candies. Sweet and simple.

DIY Light Saber Party Favor with Training Certificate

Check out these DIY light sabers made of milk chocolate. A fun project to give to the kids as party favors. Use these tubes and fill with these candies and use white tape to make the handle and finish it off with a black sharpie.

Chewbacca Chocolate Bar Party Favors

Chewbacca chocolate bar party favors made from hersey chocolate. Great idea for all those chewbacca lovers.

Party Favor Bags

Clever star wars party favor bags with “You R2 Awesome” message as a thank you.

Light Saber Favors

Make these light sabers out of glow sticks for a simple party favor. The kids can imagine a battle for the ages.

Gatorade Party Favor Idea

Vaderade will get some giggles for sure. A tasty party favor for all of your thirsty guests. Just print out an image and stick to a bottle of gatorade.

R2D2@ Juice Boxes

R2D2 juice boxes. kids will love the familiar taste of their favorite juice box while contemplating their next star wars adventure. Again wrap a printable around a variety of juice flavors.

Light Saber Rock Candy

Rock candy light sabers may not make it into battle. Kids will eat them first! This is another simple party favor idea bound to be a hit.

Star Wars Party Favor Bags

A classy star wars party favor goodie bag with thank you message. Fill these with treats and/or little star wars toys and the kids will love it.

Water Bottle Filled Favors

Star wars water bottles make a nice thank you for coming gift.

Party Cup Filled Favors

Fill some stadium cups with some treats and star wars toys. starwars candy to fill cups - light saber candy, pez candy, popping candy with light up Star War lollipop. A nice thank you to all the boys and girls for coming to the party.

Star Wars Crayon Party Favors

These star wars crayons look so cool. Pair them with a star wars coloring book and the kids will love it. Here are some Silicone Molds for Crayons

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