Shopkins Party Favor Ideas

Incredible and cool Shopkins party favor ideas! Are you looking for Shopkins favors for your upcoming party?

We have put together some cute and easy ideas for you. Find goodie bags, boxes and more. We hope that you can find some great ideas right here!

Shopkins Loot Treat Bucket Container

Shopkins Poppin Crunch Candy

Shopkins Collection Plastic Cup

Shopkins Party Favor Idea

Fill a push pop container with a couple of Shopkins and crinkle paper - so cute! more about Shopkins Party Favor Idea

Shopkins Party Cups

Use a Shopkins cup and fill with Shopkins candy, bracelets and Shopkins toys! more about Shopkins Party Cups

Shopkins Cupcakes

Bake cupcakes and decorate with a Shopkins on top and each kid will have a sweet treat to take home!more about Shopkins Cupcakes

Mini Shopkins Basket

Such an adorable idea - use a mini shopping basket and fill with mini paints, nail polish, Shopkins and maybe some lip gloss. more about Mini Shopkins Basket

Shopkins Toys

Place a Plush Shopkins in a basket with the Shopkins logo on front of the basket - kids will love this. more about Shopkins Toys

Shopkins Goodie Box

Use a party favor box add Shopkins Stickers and fill with glitter bounce ball, cupcake bubble necklace, cupcake lip gloss, swirl lollipop, activity book and crayons. more about Shopkins Goodie Box

DIY Shopkins Soap

Make DIY soap and each kid can take home their own soap. Use a square soap mold - fill with melt and pour soap over Shopkins! more about DIY Shopkins Soap

Make Your Shopkins Party Extra Special With These Items Handpicked By Us For YOU!

Shopkins Latex Balloons

Shopkins Candy

Shopkins Plush Figures

Shopkins Party Cups, Popcorn Cups, Goody Bags, Favor Boxes

Shopkins Lip Balm

Shopkins Stationery in Box

We hope that you were able to find some cute, fun and easy Shopkins party favor ideas. There are so many adorable ideas from goodie bags to boxes to plush to lip balm to candy. If you still need more ideas head over to Pinterest and check out other ideas. Good luck with your Shopkins party and we hope your celebration if fun and memorable.

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