Pool Birthday Party Decorations

Best Pool Party Decoration Ideas Right Here! Find cool and fun ideas to decorate for your upcoming swim party.

From inflatables to pool noodles we have some of the best ideas for your pool party. Kids will love any and all of these ideas!

Surfs Up Surfing Birthday Party Hanging Swirl Decorations

Splish Splash Lime Happy Birthday Banner Pool Party Pennant

Pool Party Tropical Tiki Swirl Decorations

Ocean Waves Plastic Tablecloth

Pool Party Supplies Tropical Tiki Decorations


Loving these giant inflatable surfboards to use as decor. So cute and fun! more about Surfboards

Popsicle Balloons

What a fun way to decorate for a pool party with popsicle balloons. Twist balloons into the shape of a popsicle add a stick and you have a fun decoration idea! more about Popsicle Balloons

Lifesaver Table Decorations

Make or buy big letters that spell out SWIM - decorate with large blue sequins then underneath them cut open pool noodles to look like lifesavers. more about Lifesaver Table Decorations

Crazy Straws

Set drinks around like these & then add crazy straws to make a fun decor idea along with a tasty drink treat for the party goers! more about Crazy Straws

Beach Balls

A cool way to add fun is to fill the pool with beach balls! more about Beach Balls

Lifeguard Chairs

These adorable lifeguard chairs with a push pop filled with blue jello - can you say Amazing! more about Lifeguard Chairs

Popsicle Pool Noodles

These popsicles made out of pool noodles would go great with the popsicle balloons! more about Popsicle Pool Noodles

Pool Party Table Decor Ideas

Set up a table with all the food which serves perfect for decor. Candy bowls, lunch box, Otter Pops, and squirt guns. So fun! more about Pool Party Table Decor Ideas

Pool Noodle Garland

Cut up a pool noodles and thread onto some string. A cute and expensive way to decorate for a pool party. more about Pool Noodle Garland

Pool Water

The kids would think this is so cool - fill a juice dispenser with blue kool aid and add one of these cute labels. more about Pool Water

Coral Rock Candy

Use rock candy as coral to add a fun touch to any table at your pool party. more about Coral Rock Candy

Twizzler Pool Noodles

Use rainbow Twizzlers and a cute snack idea and fun decoration. more about Twizzler Pool Noodles

Pool Toys

Place a laundry basket (this one kind of looks like a little pool) out and fill with mini beach balls and squirt guns! more about Pool Toys

Pool Noodle Luminaries

If you are having a night pool party these pool noodle luminaries would be perfect! Pool noodles and waterproof tea lights. more about Pool Noodle Luminaries

Make Your Pool Party Extra Special With These Items Handpicked By Us For YOU!

Waterproof Submersible Color Changing LED Lights

Popsicle Inflatable Pool Float

Beach Buckets

Beach Ball Lollipops

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Beachball Cellophane Bags

Check out some cool kids pool birthday party favor ideas!

We hope that you found some fun and cool pool party decoration ideas. Pool noodles and inflatables are always a great idea. You can even fill a mini inflatable pool with ice, drinks and snacks. Lots of balloons are always fun too! If you need more ideas head over Pinterest to find more pool party ideas. No matter how you decorate we hope you have a safe and fun pool party and everyone enjoys the celebration.

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