Paintball Party Favor Ideas

Are you looking for Paintball Party Favor Ideas? We have some of the best favor ideas for your upcoming Paintball party.

You can find some quick, easy and fun favors that any kid will love to take home. Choose one of mix and match the party favor ideas.

Paintball Favor Idea

This party favor was made for a girls party by adding nail polish to the bag but can be used for boys to by adding a dog tag or some bouncy balls bag with the jawbreakers. more about Paintball Favor Idea

Paintball Goodie Bags

So cute and these goodie bags are easy to put together. They were filled with Gatorade, Gatorade protein bar, combat bracelet, hand warmers, and an extra bag of paintballs. more about Paintball Goodie Bags

Gumball Paintball Favors

Gumballs in a tube with a tag attached is such a fun and easy idea for a party favor and the kids leaving the paintball party will be so excited! more about Gumball Paintball Favors

Paintball Party Favor Box

Find a cute box add a label to the front and fill with candy and fun paintball stuff. more about Paintball Party Favor Box

Gumball Favor Bags

What kid doesn’t love gumballs? Fill a cello bag with gumballs and cute bag topper! more about Gumball Favor Bags

Paintball Favor

Paint a Pringles Chip Container black and fill atomic fire ball candy and there you have a paintball hopper with paintballs! more about Paintball Favor

Paintball Cookies

Buy some of these cute paintball inspired cookies from a local bakery or make your own with these paintball cookie cutters. more about Paintball Cookies

Camouflage Party Favor Bags

If your paintball party has a camo theme these bags would be ideal. Take a brown lunch bag and some camo paper to the front. These were filled with grenade squirt guns, camo airplanes & camo bracelets along with dog tags and some snacks. more about Camouflage Party Favor Bags

Giant Paint Ball Pop Jawbreaker

These giant jawbreaker paint ball pops are so fun and so easy - add them to a bag or give them as is! more about Giant Paint Ball Pop Jawbreaker

Make Your Paintball Party Extra Special With These Items Handpicked By Us For YOU!

Chocolate Grenade

Neon Paint Splatter Bouncing Balls

Paintball Edible Cake/Cupcake Party Topper

Camouflage Drawstring Bags

Camouflage Netting

Face Paint

Tie Dye Balloons (look like paint splatter)

We hope that you were able to find a party favor to give the children when they leave the party. If you need more party ideas head over to Pinterest. No matter what party favor your give we are sure the kids will love their gifts to take home. We hope you have a successful and fun Paintball party and the kids enjoy the day.

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