Nerf Birthday Party Decorations

The best Nerf party decoration ideas! Do you need some fun and cool party decor ideas for your upcoming Nerf birthday party?

Besides the usual balloons, streamers and banners here are some fun and easy ideas to help decorate for your upcoming Nerf Party!

Nerf Gun Table Decor

Decorate with table with this fun idea. A glass vase filled with blue jelly bellys then have glow sticks that stick out. Glue Nerf bullets on the outside of the vase. more about Nerf Gun Table Decor

Nerf Party Center Piece Idea

Fill a big glass jar with Nerf darts - makes a fun and easy center piece idea! more about Nerf Party Center Piece Idea

Safety Glasses and Bandanas

This decor idea serves as great decor as well as take home items for the kids. Place safety glasses and bandannas out for the kids. more about Safety Glasses and Bandanas

Candy Decor

Use tall flower vases and fill with blue and/or orange candy. These were filled with mini Air Heads, Blow Pops and Jolly Ranchers. To start the party this idea serves as fun decor and as the party gets going the kids can snack as they please :) more about Candy Decor

Table Setting Decor

Set the food table with blue and orange plates along with blue disposable silverware and orange napkins (this package is great for this). Then add safety glasses, a pack of Nerf darts buy a big pack and make your own. Add a Nerf gun. Set a bottle of water and maybe even a Gatorade and these labels would be perfect! more about Table Setting Decor

Nerf Decorations

For this party they set Army guys on ledges then took yellow and orange plates and made targets out of them. Also, used milk jugs and painted them and made targets out of those as well and to top it off balloons also served as targets to shot at….so fun! more about Nerf Decorations

Candy Bullets

How fun are these candy bullets to use as decor and snacks. Fill a cello bag with orange and Sixlets candies. more about Candy Bullets

Nerf Target

Make your very own Nerf target out of toilet paper rolls. A fun and inexpensive idea. more about Nerf Target

Nerf Foam Banner

Make a Happy Birthday banner for your party out of foam sheets. Use stick on foam letters to complete the banner. more about Nerf Foam Banner

Nerf Gun Wall

This is a great idea as every kid may not have their own Nerf gun and this way no one is left out of the party with this Nerf gun wall. more about Nerf Gun Wall

Snack Table Decor

Set up a table with water and Gatorade along with cups filled with carrots, Cheetos and Goldfish. more about Snack Table Decor

Spinning Targets

Made with a white cardboard tri-fold display super fun for the kids. more about Spinning Targets

DIY Nerf Targets

Make your own targets out of cardboard cake plates and use Sharpie’s to color them. Can be used as targets or place on tables as decor. more about DIY Nerf Targets

Nerf Party Decor for Girls

This is perfect for a girls Nerf party but you could also use this idea for boys too. Use polka dot balloons and add a target tag to the front. more about Nerf Party Decor for Girls

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Check out some cool Nerf Party Favor Ideas!

We hope you found some fun and cool Nerf party decoration ideas. Candy centerpieces are easy and fun for the kids and Nerf darts are always a hit. You can also find more ideas over on Pinterest. Have a fun and stress free party. We hope you and the kids enjoy the day and have a great party!

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