Mini Golf Party Favor Ideas

Are you having a Miniature Golf Party? Need party favor ideas? We have some of the coolest favors for your mini golf party! Find easy, cheap, fun and creative ideas!

The kids will love to take home one of these party favor ideas! From gumballs to golf balls you are sure to find something the children will love!

Golf Ball Party Favor

So cute - a golf ball in mini box topped with a cute sticker! more about Golf Ball Party Favor

Golf Party Favor Ideas

Wrap a golf tee with ribbon around some Tic Tacs & in another cello bag add a golf ball and tee - so simple and amazing! more about Golf Party Favor Ideas

Golf Party Bag

Find a green and white striped bag and create a cute sticker tag! more about Golf Party Bag

Golf Set Favor

If you are having a golf party for a little one - this is such a great idea! A little play golf set - topped with visor and thank you tag! more about Golf Set Favor

Golf Favor Idea

Place a vending machine capsule on a golf tee and fill with M & M’s! Such a brillant way to give a cute party favor! more about Golf Favor Idea


Fill a water bottle with gumballs and a ribbon and tag! What kid doesn’t love gumballs? more about Gumballs

Bucket of Balls

Now this is super cute - take a bucket and then in a cello bag add mini donuts close with a ribbon, tag & golf tee! more about Bucket of Balls

Golf Clubs

This is another good one for a little ones party! A toy golf club that has a golf ball & tee in a cello bag with a thank you tag! more about Golf Clubs

Golf Favor

Fill a tumbler cup with rock candy, golf ball, Arnold Palmer single packet drink mix & gumballs! more about Golf Favor

Make your mini golf party memorable with these items handpicked by us for YOU!

Pull Back Golf Cart

Golf Cart Party Favor Boxes

Mini Golf Play Set

Chocolate Golf Balls Lollipop

Golf Ball Cupcake Rings Party Favors

Golf Club Pens

Golf Balls Premium Solid Milk Chocolate

Chocolate Golf Ball Candy Mold

Have fun picking a party favor for your party! Which one was your favorite? For more ideas check out Pinterest. We hope you have a great day and your celebration is a hit with kids!

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