LOL Surprise Party Favors

Having a LOL Surprise party and looking for some fun and great ideas for the kids to take home as party favors? We have gathered up some of the best LOL Surprise party favor ideas.

These ideas are sure to be a hit with the kids. LOL surprise dolls and toys are so much fun for kids to play with… having an LOL surprise theme party should be just as fun and the party favors should be just as amazing. Find some of the best treat bag ideas along with goodie bags, candy, surprise toys and more. Your guests will love to take home any of these favors. There are so many creative LOL Surprise party favor ideas. Look at some of the best LOL surprise party favors now!

Make Your LOL Surprise Doll Party Extra Special With These Items Handpicked By Us For YOU!

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Lol Surprise Candy Favors

LOL Surprise Candy Favors

Fill a candy or gumball tube like these with candy or gumballs then place a LOL Surprise doll cut outs on the tube. more about LOL Surprise Candy Favors

Lol Surprise Party Favor Idea

LOL Surprise Party Favor Idea

Fill a LOL Surprise favor box with candy and goodies. more about LOL Surprise Party Favor Idea

Lol Surprise Bday Party Favor Treat Bags

LOL Surprise Bday Party Favor Treat Bags

Fill a cello bag with popcorn and pastel M & M candies top with a cute bag topper. more about LOL Surprise Bday Party Favor Treat Bags

Lol Surprise Favor Box

LOL Surprise Favor Box

Place a LOL Surprise doll cut out on the front of a white favor box and place LOL surprise doll toys and candy inside. more about LOL Surprise Favor Box

Lol Surprise Dolls Birthday Party Favors

LOL Surprise Dolls Birthday Party Favors

Gumball tubes - boxes and pencils all make great party favor ideas for kids - boys and girls would love to take these gifts home. more about LOL Surprise Dolls Birthday Party Favors

Lol Surprise Goodie Bags

LOL Surprise Goodie Bags

Place a print out LOL Surprise Doll on a party favor bag and fill with loot and LOL Surprise toys. Free printables for the front make this a cheap - easy and fun idea. more about LOL Surprise Goodie Bags

Our Picks of The Best LOL Surprise Doll Party Favors

If you are looking for the best LOL Surprise Doll party favor ideas here are our top picks to make sure the kids go home with a cool gift.

Questions and Answers For A LOL Surprise Doll Theme Party!

What are some good ideas of LOL Surprise doll birthday party supplies? We would go with the LOL surprise balloons, invitations, plates, napkins and cups. Other ideas would be to DIY so cute table decor and/or snack table. You could also do photo booth props and / or photo back drop. LOL Surprise dolls make great decorations too! And you won’t want to forget the LOL Surprise Doll birthday cake. We love these plates for an LOL Surprise Party

Do you have LOL doll birthday party ideas? First I would start with a color scheme - pinks, purples and blues would work great. Since kids love snacks and treats it is a great option to set up a snack table with candy jars, crackers, chips, etc. This table can also serve as the cake table. You will want to have some decor too - balloons are great, streams and banners. If you want to have some activities and or games at your party - you can do a treasure hunt were you hide LOL Surprise dolls and the guests have to find them. You could also go for a piñata which is super fun for kids. This is just a start of the many LOL doll birthday party ideas out there.

Should I get a LOL Surprise doll piñata? We think a LOL Surprise doll piñata is a great option for birthday party. It can provide hours of entertainment for the children and they love when it gets popped open and they can scramble for the candy and toys.

Do you have any good LOL Surprise Doll cake ideas? Here are a few good video tutorials on how to make LOL Surpise cakes - that would be great for any birthday celebration or party. Kids would go crazy over these creative and unique cake ideas.

LOL Surprise Cake - How To Make by Cakes

LOL Surprise Themed Birthday Party Decorations and Cake!

If you have any questions about an LOL Surprise Doll theme party (ideas, games, activities, cakes, invitatons, etc.) Leave us a comment and we will do our best to feature it on our site and reply.

We hope you enjoyed all of these LOL Surprise party favor ideas and that you find something really special for the children. Put together any one of these ideas or combine a few to come up with a great LOL Surprise party favor. No matter what, we hope you have the best celebration and the kids have a blast at the LOL Surprise party. If you need more ideas you can always check out Pinterest. Have a fun day and enjoy the celebration.

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