Emoji Party Favor Ideas

Celebrating with an Emoji Party? Looking for party favor ideas? Find some of the best Emoji party favor ideas.

You can find some DIY Emoji projects that can work as a activity to do at the party and then the kids can take them home as a favor. Find some easy and inexpensive party favors that any kid would love to take home! Get Emoji party ideas right here!

Emoji Pom Poms

DIY these cute and easy Emoji pom poms. This would also be a great activity for the party and then the kids can take them home! more about Emoji Pom Poms

Emoji Pinata

Make these cute Emoji Pinatas. Great treat boxes! more about Emoji Pinata

Emoji Oreo Pops

Whip up some Emoji Slime - all you need is glue, liquid starch, yellow paint and glass container. more about Emoji Oreo Pops

Emoji Slime

Print out the Emoji gift box template fold together and fill with candy! more about Emoji Slime

Emoji Gift Box

Cookie some Oreo Cookies in yellow chocolate add some heart sprinkles and draw on mouth with edible markers! Cute and easy! more about Emoji Gift Box

Emoji Favors

Tie together a plush Emoji keychain and Emoji Pez candy top with a thank you tag! more about Emoji Favors

Emoji Gift Bags

Make your own DIY Emoji gift bags - super easy and fill with Emoji stuff! more about Emoji Gift Bags

Emoji Keychains

Make your own Emoji light up keychains - spray paint a ping pong ball yellow , Mini LED Party Light , keychain and jump rings . So simple and the kids will love them! more about Emoji Keychains

Emoji Goodie Bags

Fill a cello bag with nail polish or candy or lip balm tie with ribbon and Emoji tag. more about Emoji Goodie Bags

Emoji Cookies

Bake up some sugar cookies frost with yellow frosting add an Emoji face wrap in cello bag and tie with ribbon and tag. more about Emoji Cookies

Emoji Favor Bag

Use a yellow gift bag and place a cute Emoji thank you on the front and fill with candy, snacks and Emoji stuff. more about Emoji Favor Bag

Emoji Jars

Paint a baby food jar yellow then draw on the face. Fill with gumballs! more about Emoji Jars

Emoji Gift Box

Super cute Emoji gift box idea. Make this gift box in no time at all or have the kids make their own as an activity and have goodies for them to fill it up with to take home! more about Emoji Gift Box

Emoji Lip Balm - Mini Slime - Orbeez Emoji and Phone Case

Here you can find 5 Emoji DIYs that would make great party favors. How about Emoji lip balm all you need is beeswax, coconut oil & container. What about mini slime keychain - make slime and put in bead container then add keychain. Fill a glass bowl with yellow orbeez and draw on Emoji face the kids would love this one! more about Emoji Lip Balm - Mini Slime - Orbeez Emoji and Phone Case

And if you still need more ideas watch this video for 10 more Emoji DIY ideas! The first one is really cute - Emoji lights and the last one too!

Make Your Emoji Party Extra Special With These Items Handpicked By Us For YOU!

Emoji Gumballs

Emoji Mylar Balloons

Light Up Emoji Rings

Emoji Bracelets

Emoji Goodie Bags

Emoji Squeeze Balls

Emoji Drawstring Bags

Emoji Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener

Emoji Notepads

Emoji Lollipops

We hope you found some of the best party favor ideas for your Emoji party! A lot of these party favors can server as an activity for the celebration! If you need more ideas check out Pinterest. Enjoy your day and we hope the kids love their party favors!

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