Butterfly Party Favor Ideas

Find the best butterfly party favor ideas for kids. There are so many cool butterfly party favor ideas from goodie bags to candy, these butterfly party favor ideas are sure to be a hit with all the children.

Easy, fun ideas for treats that any boy or girl would love to take home.

Pink Butterfly Bubble Tube Party Favors, 8ct

Shaped Treat Boxes, Butterfly Sparkle

Playful Butterfly and Flowers Party Favor Boxes

Party Loot Bags, Butterfly Sparkle

Glittery Butterfly

Packed with chocolate and candies with butterfly. more about Glittery Butterfly


Chapstick with butterfly accent. more about Chapstickfly

Butterfly Sweets

Butterfly inspired candy. more about Butterfly Sweets

Fluttering Goody

Purple pail filled with goodies with thank you tag. more about Fluttering Goody

Fluttery Chalks

Assorted chalks in a container topped with butterfly. more about Fluttery Chalks


Butterfly inspired lollipops glued with googly eyes. more about Lollibutterfly

Butterfly In The Garden

White paper bag with prints glued with printable butterfly. more about Butterfly In The Garden


Butterflies kaleidoscopes. more about Kaleidoscopes

Butterfly Cookies

Butterfly inspired sugar cookies. more about Butterfly Cookies

Looty Butterfly

DIY butterfly consists of candies and clothespin. more about Looty Butterfly

We hope found some amazing butterfly party favor ideas ideas for your party celebration. Any child will be happy to go home with any of these treats. Party favors don’t have to be expensive if you need more ideas you can check out Pinterest. We hope you enjoy day and you have a wonderful party!

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