Baseball Party Favor Ideas

Having a baseball party and looking for some fun and great ideas for the kids to take home as party favors? We have gathered up some of the best baseball party favor ideas.

These ideas are sure to hit a home run with the kids. There are so many fun ideas from baseball bats to baseballs to baseball candy and gumballs.

Baseball Party Favor Bats

This is such a cute idea - use a wiffle bat and ball set then attach a cello bag filled with Cracker Jacks, baseball chocolates, and baseball gumballs. more about Baseball Party Favor Bats

Baseball Bats

Any kid would love this party favor to take home - a baseball bat! more about Baseball Bats

Baseball Goodie Bags

Use a canvas bag attach a baseball tag and fill with inflatable baseball bat and ball set, candy, baseball cards, and baseball toys. more about Baseball Goodie Bags

Baseball Treat Favor Box

Make your own box for the botton wrap with baseball gift wrap and make a baseball mit tag. Add Cracker Jacks, Big League Chew, Sunflower Seeds and Peanuts. more about Baseball Treat Favor Box

Cracker Jack Baseball Treat Bag

Fill a cello bag with Cracker Jacks, baseball pen and baseball chocolates. Easy and fun for th kids. more about Cracker Jack Baseball Treat Bag

Baby Ruth Treat Jar

Use a jar with a lid and fill it with Baby Ruth candy bars. Top with a baseball thank you tag! more about Baby Ruth Treat Jar

Baseball Goodie Bag Idea

Grab a cello bag add a baseball and Big League Chew - tie with red ribbon and you have an easy and cute favor idea. more about Baseball Goodie Bag Idea

Baseball Goodies

Baseball Popcorn favor box and fill with Cracker Jacks & Big League Chew. more about Baseball Goodies

Baseball Bat and Cookies

Now this is creative - baseball bat pretzels and Oreo Cookie baseballs! more about Baseball Bat and Cookies

Sunflower Seed Favors

Fill a tube with sunflowers seeds or even gumballs! more about Sunflower Seed Favors

Soda Baseball Favor Idea

Wrap a bottle of Rootbeer along with Big League Chew and Peanuts in a cello bag and tie with a ribbon! more about Soda Baseball Favor Idea

Make Your Baseball Party Extra Special With These Items Handpicked By Us For YOU!

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Big League Chew Gum, Gumballs, Trading Cards, & Tattoos! Party Favor Egg

Although these aren’t party favors these baseball flip flops would be cute to make and wear to your childs birthday party.

We hope you enjoyed all of these baseball party favor ideas and that you find something really special for the children. Put together anyone of these ideas or combine a few to come up with a great baseball party favor. No matter what we hope you have the best celebration and the kids have a blast at the baseball party. If you need more ideas you can always check out Pinterest. Have a fun day and enjoy the celebration.

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