Bambi Party Favor Ideas

Find the best bambi party favor ideas for kids. There are so many cool bambi party favor ideas from goodie bags to candy, these bambi party favor ideas are sure to be a hit with all the children.

Easy, fun ideas for treats that any boy or girl would love to take home.

Disneys Bambi Bottle Cap Necklace Party Favors

Disney Bambi Dimensional Sticker

Bambi Cookie

Baked cookie in deer shape. more about Bambi Cookie

Bambis Goody

Wrapped in a crafty paper with string. more about Bambis Goody

Deer Necklace

DIY necklace with deer pendant. more about Deer Necklace

Fudgy Tree Trunk

DIY chocolate treat inspired by a tree. more about Fudgy Tree Trunk

Woody Bag

Simple brown bag with deer prints. more about Woody Bag

Forest Animal Mask

DIY mask forest animal inspired. more about Forest Animal Mask

Bambis Soap

DIY soap with dear accent. more about Bambis Soap

Sleepy Bambi

Cupcake inspired bambi. more about Sleepy Bambi


DIY crochet bambi toy. more about Bambi

Bambi Candy

Bambi pez candy. more about Bambi Candy

We hope found some amazing bambi party favor ideas ideas for your party celebration. Any child will be happy to go home with any of these treats. Party favors don’t have to be expensive if you need more ideas you can check out Pinterest. We hope you enjoy day and you have a wonderful party!

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