American Girl Doll Party Favor Ideas

Are you celebrating your child’s birthday with an American Girl Doll Party? Looking for the best party favor ideas?

Here are some cool, easy and fun ideas that are sure to delight the kids and their dolls. Send the kids home with the coolest American Girl Doll Party Favors.

AG Gumball Favors

Fill a cello bag with Pink, Red and White Gumballs and mini stars. So simple and cute - the kids will love the gumballs! more about AG Gumball Favors

AG Party Favor Bags

Use a white gifts bag the child and then a mini gift bag for their doll. Fill it with American Girl Sketchbook and pencils. Then fill the small one with doll shirt and shoes! Add a star sticker to the front of each bag! more about AG Party Favor Bags

American Girl Party Bags

Use a plain red bag - make a few stars for the front and fill with note pads, chocolate stars, nail file, nail polish and American Girl stickers. more about American Girl Party Bags

American Girl Doll Cookies

Bake up some sugar cookies a big cookie for the child a mini one for the doll - use a star cookies cutter set. Top with pink frosting and sprinkles! more about American Girl Doll Cookies

AG Goodie Bags

Fill a bag with some cute American Girl crafts and stickers. So easy and cute - the kids will love it! more about AG Goodie Bags

Notebook Favors

Cover a mini notebook with red star paper and cut out stars - add a pencil to the side and there you have a cute party favor idea. more about Notebook Favors

Mini Gumball Machine

These are so cute - a mini gumball machine with an American Girl Doll picture tied around with ribbon! Fill with Sweet Tarts, Jelly Belly’s or Gumballs. more about Mini Gumball Machine

Pink Star Print Canvas Sneaker Key Chain

American Girl Crafts Doll Size Plates Cups And Placemats

Cupcake Lip Gloss

American Girl Ultimate Crafting Kit

American Girl Crafts Girls Sticker Pad

American Girl Crafts Art Markers

American Girl Crafts Memory Book, Friends

American Girl Crafts Dinner Plates

American Girl Crafts Napkins And Rings

American Girl Crafts Dessert Plates

Did you find a party favor idea for your American Girl Doll Party? We hope you found the best party favor ideas here. So much to choose from and so much fun of giving a party favor to the child and their doll! Find more ideas on Pinterest! We hope you have the best AG party ever and the kids have a ton of fun!

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