Rainbow Craft Ideas for Kids

Rainbow craft projects are so much fun and so pretty. They are so bright and colorful and the kids love them! Here are some of the best rainbow craft DIY projects that you and the children can do together at home.

Teach them the colors of the rainbow or show them a fun science experiment. Have fun with all these rainbow DIY ideas!

Rainbow Blowers

These rainbow blowers are so cute and the kids will love them! Toilet paper rolls, acrylic paint, tissue paper and your done. more about Rainbow Blowers

Paper Rainbow Craft

With some paper you can make these easy paper rainbows! more about Paper Rainbow Craft

Rainbow Paper Plate Craft

Make these cute rainbow paper plate bags all you need is paper plates, paint & cotton. more about Rainbow Paper Plate Craft

Rainbow Salt Jar

Mix some salt and chalk together into small jars to make these cute rainbow jars! more about Rainbow Salt Jar

Rainbow Crayons

All you need is a silicone mold and crayons. Melt the crayons in the molds and you have some cute crayons. more about Rainbow Crayons

Rainbow Button Art

Make an adorable rainbow button art! Choose any letter - add buttons and you have some cute artwork and room decor! more about Rainbow Button Art

Rainbow Rain Clouds – Science Experiment

The kids will have a blast with this one. You can easily do this with some washable paint, shaving cream, pan, cardstock paper and something to scrape with! more about Rainbow Rain Clouds – Science Experiment

Rainbow Shaving Cream Marbled Art

Do these fun sciene experiment with the kids. Glass jar, food coloring, shaving cream, water and eye dropper. Watch the fun happen! more about Rainbow Shaving Cream Marbled Art

Fruit Loop Rainbow Craft

The kids will enjoy playing with their food for this one! more about Fruit Loop Rainbow Craft

Enjoy These Rainbow Crafts Handpicked By Us For YOU!

Rainbow Scratch Art

Rainbow Ornament Craft Kit

Suncatcher Kit, Rainbow with Clouds

Rainbow Dream Catchers

Plush Craft Heart Pillow

Rainbow Staws to String

We hope you found some fun rainbow craft ideas you can do with the kids! It so much fun to do rainbow crafts with the children as you can teach them colors as you go! Just have fun and enjoy the craft time with the kids. Which was your favorite DIY craft idea? If you need more ideas check out Pinterest! Have a great day crafting.

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